A Magical Mystery Time……….An Interview With Brooke Halpin………… By Michelle Williams

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In this deeply moving and revealing book, Brooke Halpin shares a part of himself and his life as a young teenager completely enthralled with the Beatles.

The story is riveting, compelling and unforgettable. The main character’s need for escape inside music and his obsession for all things Beatle lead him into a fantasy life which causes problems in his reality.

Trevor Hampton becomes so engrossed in the fantasy, he believes he is a Beatle until an encounter with John Lennon and a rude awakening jerk him back into reality. The book is profoundly remarkable and prolific.

I caught up with author, Brooke Halpin, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions.

Why did you write this book?

I wrote this book because I had the wonderful fortune to be a young teenage boy when the Beatles first came to America and swept me off my feet. I believe the series of events that occurred were extraordinary and I wanted to get them down on paper and give readers a first hand account of what it was like during the magical Beatle years.

What is the primary plot line in the story?

How Trevor Hampton becomes obsessed with the Beatles and loses his true identity. Ultimately, he has to learn to accept himself for who he really is and become his own person. That finally happens when Trevor meets John Lennon and is shocked to find out that John doesn’t know him.

Are there any sub-plots in the book?

Yes there are. One of the sub-plots is the troubling relationship between Trevor and his father. The more Trevor became a Beatle and succeeded with his Beatle sounding bands, the more enraged his father became. When Trevor met John Lennon, that was the same day his father got shot. So there is a definite connection between John bursting Trevor’s delusional bubble and bullets severing the relationship between Trevor and his father. Another sub-plot is the love relationship between Trevor and Jenny. Unfortunately, the timing of Trevor’s band recording their first album and The Beatles breaking up put pressure on their young marriage, and it was destined to fail. The third sub-plot is the Beatles sounding song, “Drain,” how it gets stolen, and how it gets released and becomes a hit single by another band.

Are there any connections/parallels to what went on during the Beatles years (1964-1970) and what’s going on in today’s world?

Yes, number one, fan fanaticism is just as prevalent now as it was in the 60’s. Regardless of the time or decade, there is a fascination that happens between celebrities and fans. The other parallel is the unending popularity of the Beatles, which transcends decades.

What impact did the break up of The Beatles have on the book’s main character (Trevor Hampton)?

He was devastated because the Beatles were the very foundation of his life at that time. Without the Beatles, he was lost, aimless, and filled with disillusionment.

What is the story’s bottom line/overall message?

Even though it’s easy for some people to become so enamored and infatuated with celebrities and lose their identity in the process, they have to get on with their own lives and not get lost in a world filled with illusions. It’s normal and understandable that people adore their favorite celebrities, but not to the extent that they take on a false identity.

How long did it take you to write the book?

It took eight years on an off. First, it was written in the first person as a memoir, and then I changed it to third person fiction based on a true story. That in itself required a tremendous amount of work, but freed me up as a writer to create fictionalized scenes to enhance the plot lines.

Is there a close connection between Trevor Hampton and yourself?

Yes, the character Trevor Hampton is based on my life as a young musician during the Beatle years.

What did you learn by writing this book?

It took a lot of self discipline and dedication to write this book, edit it, and feel as though it was completed. I can’t tell you how many times I thought the book was completed, only to find out that more work was required to make it better.

What is your vision for this book?

I’m hoping that people will read this book and discover what the Beatle years were like through the eyes and ears of Trevor Hampton. I’m also hoping that the reader will get a sizeable dose of the magic and the mystery that was very much alive during the Beatle years. Beyond that, a screenplay adaptation of the book has already been written and I’m working on getting it produced for a theatrical release.

Brooke Halpin has written a book that is both entertaining and thought provoking. For more information visit



John M…..No Overdubs….. A CD Review My Michelle Williams

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Brilliant!  No Overdubs by John M is a masterpiece.  A lightfully refreshing departure from the mainstream production style, it’s recorded live and features songs from two concerts.  The songs are touching, fun and thought-provoking.  The vocals are purely melodic and mesmerizing.  It is music in its purest form. 
The only instruments are John’s guitar and his voice. It’s wonderful to hear pure music in this age of digital deception.  It’s like having a concert in your car or home or wherever the CD is played.
“In Jesus’ Name” is a dramatic and poignant song about what people do in the name of Jesus. The music and the words combine to completely captivate the listener with a swampy Rock vibe.  
“School Bus Blues” is a fun song about a rocker with a one-track mind and a set mission to become famous.. John draws his audience in by incorporating a sing-along audience participation part into the song on the phrase, “Hey Lawdy Lawdy Na Na Na.” 
“Coulda Had You” is a deeply emotional love song about regrets and lost love.with heartwrenching lyrics and engaging vocals.   
“My Mother in Me” is a wonderful tribute to his mother. It’s an amazing song featuring Gina Venturini on background vocals.  It’s a storyteller song about all things his mother taught him and all the things he inherited in his personality from her and how she instilled values and taught him to love music.
This album is a joy and a delight. Five Stars!
A video of one of the songs from the album

Marc Platt, Pop Go The Plattitudes

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 On his album Pop Go The Plattitudes, Marc Platt connects emotionally with the listener by sharing deeply personal experiences in his lyrics.  His songs cover everything from love, loss and longing for family to world events, the state of our society and even psycho stalker chicks.  He lays himself wide-open, withholding nothing.  His lyrics seem to come from a place deep in his soul, touching the souls of those who listen.

“The Whole World’s Watching” is amazing, fusing the feeling of an 80’s rock song with a message of peace and awareness of the violence in the world.  Groovy guitar solos and enaging vocals abound.  The whole vibe from the song is edgy and cool.  “Don’t Wanna Be That Guy” is a heartfelt love song lyrics and a poignant vocal. Its melancholly melody is surrounded by lush harmonies.  It’s pure and simple and very touching.  “Save Us From Ourselves” is an edgy rock song  with an urgent message about how people need to care about each other to make a change for the better.  With mesmerizing lyrics, it’s punctuated by sizzling guitar solos.

Marc Platt has created an album with heart.  Although some of the production is overdone and distracting, the songs are strong and true.  Four Stars!

Stefano Frollano………”Sense of You”……..A cd Review……. By Michelle Williams

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This album is magnificent in it’s depth of feeling and expression. 

The songs are beautiful. These finely crafted and intoxicating songs feature complex orchestrations and unforgettable lyrics.  The music is full of passion.


 It is burning and blazing, enveloping the listener and drawing one into the story of each song.  This album is unique in the way the artist includes different female vocals to bring the fantasy of the songs to life.  It takes the images or pictures of the woman in the dream and makes her real. 


The artist sings from his heart and bears his soul.  The vocals are captivating and his European accent gives his voice charm and elegance.  The emotion is genuine and the sound is romantic and alluring.


 Stefano Frollano has created a musical masterpiece, born of fantasy and fed by reality.  This album is a must-have for any music lover. Five Stars!






Moving Higher By Nick Daugherty… A CD Review By Michelle Williams

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Moving Higher by Nick Daugherty is a delight. His vocals are beautiful and the music is wonderful.  The CD was produced by Mandi Martin who did a wonderful job.  It sounds great. The orchestrations are brilliant.  The horns and strings really bring the songs to life and add richness and texture to the music.


“Sick Day” is a wistful song about how we all need a little time off sometimes.  It’s got a catchy tune and it makes one wish to sing along. . The title track is a beautiful upbeat love song. This album is very fresh and modern with a classic goodness.   


Mr. Daugherty combines a little bit of Bayou Blues with a mix of Los Angeles Pop and Rock, along with a little country and a taste of New Orleans Jazz. .  Nick Daugherty combines these elements to craft music which is timeless and beautiful with something to please everybody.  This album has mass appeal and is not limited by genre or demographics.  It can be loved and appreciated by people of all ages and musical tastes.


Nick Daugherty writes beautiful lyrics which speak to the heart and inspire the mind.  The words are heartfelt and honest.  They are pure emotion and truth. Nick writes songs about the things we all experience in life; love, loss, fear, happiness and just needing some time to ourselves.


 “I Won’t Stand For Watching You Fall Down” is a song about reaching out to help a loved one in crisis.  It’s a beautiful song about the pain of knowing someone is in dire straights and not being able to help.  It is also a song about hope and love and never giving up.


This album is definitely a must for anyone who loves music.  It’s a joy and a musical treasure.  I highly recommend, “Moving Higher” by Nick Daugherty.  I give this album five stars.  You can learn more about Nick and his music at http://www.myspace.com/nickdaugherty or visit his website at www.nickdaugherty.com

Barry Keenan, A Modern Artist In A Classic Rock Tradition…. By Michelle Williams

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Barry Keenan

Barry Keenan is an amazing and prolific songwriter.  In addition to writing his own music, he writes songs for other artists.  Barry has also written songs for movies and television, including four songs for the movie, “Kick Boxer” and his music has been used for the NBC soaps, “Another World” and “Passions.” 

     Barry became interested in music when he was nine years old and started taking accordion lessons.  He picked up the guitar around age thirteen and his first song was inspired by a broken heart when he was in the tenth grade.  Today, Barry plays many instruments; piano, guitar, violin, drums, to name a few and he played all the instruments on his new CD, “My Brain” which is a brilliant album. 

Mr. Keenan also helps other artists find the sound they want, as well as producing and mixing his own CDs. He has worked with many big names in the music industry; Adam Ant, The Cranberries, White Zombie and many others.  Barry hasn’t toured much in recent years because he has a young family at home and loves being hands on father to his three children.  The tender heart of this family man is evident in his beautiful music. 

In the past year or so, Barry has been writing songs with Brooke Halpin and they formed the band, 3 Keepin Lane with Voyce McGinnley III and David Lane.   An article in Music Connection Magazine described them as having “enough electricity to light up a stadium

He has also been producing  new songwriter, Sean Flynn (Zoey 101) and he has been working closely with Trevor McShane on his new album.  Barry has had some success with his beautiful single, “Our Comfortable Lives” which speaks about war in a way which only Barry Keenan can.  This single was produced by vetern producer, Mandi Martin is currently climbing the Living With War Today song chart on Neil Young’s website.

Barry Keenan is originally from Boston and New York but his voice and musical style have been compared to the Beatles.   He has many songs that rock out and are fun to jam with.  The driving vocals and pounding beat are a must for any Rock music lover.  The ballads he sings are breathtaking and timeless.  The imagery and the prose are unforgettable.  Give yourself a treat and visit Barry’s music page, http://www.myspace.com/barrykeenanmusic

You can also visit www.barrykeenan.com


Orange Avenue, By Paul Zollo.. A Cd Review By Michelle Williams

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Orange Avenue by Paul Zollo is a brilliant collection of songs. The lyrics tell a story and each song is an adventure.  The lyrics are finely crafted and weave a tapestry of romance, intrigue, Passion, spirituality.  The songs are multifaceted and haunting.  The music stays with me and makes me want to hear it again.  Paul Zollo puts his whole heart into every song and it is very evident that he is a born storyteller.  His vocals are mesmerizing and I am entranced as his voice seeps into every fiber of my being.  I am totally addicted to this CD. 

The title track on this CD is a beautiful and touching song about watching someone spiral into the depths of isolation and insanity after loosing a love and it brings up a melancholy mix of emotion which leaves me breathless.


Paul is joined by music legend, Art Garfunkel for a duet on the song, “Being In This World” which is a touching song about life and doing the best we can with what we have.  This duet is beautiful and the harmonies are perfectly blended for an unforgettable heart song. 

I think my favorite song on the album is “Antarctica” which is an expression of the isolation and fear of loss which  I think we can all identify with. It’s a moving song with heart wrenching lyrics which move my soul. This song reaches a place in my heart that I had forgotten existed. It is so beautiful and Paul Zollo sings it with such emotion and passion, this song will always be in my heart.


Paul Zollo also produced this album and the production quality is among the finest I have ever heard.  There are some fun sound effects that really bring the songs to life! This album is a work of art with heart wrenching ballads and toe tapping tunes which are pure fun with horns added to jazz them up and make us want to dance.  Orange Avenue is a gift from a songwriter who knows how to make us want more.  This CD is a must have for any music lover and I highly recommend this CD for anyone who loves a good story.

I give Orange Avenue by Paul Zollo five Stars! *****

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