Moving Higher By Nick Daugherty… A CD Review By Michelle Williams



Moving Higher by Nick Daugherty is a delight. His vocals are beautiful and the music is wonderful.  The CD was produced by Mandi Martin who did a wonderful job.  It sounds great. The orchestrations are brilliant.  The horns and strings really bring the songs to life and add richness and texture to the music.


“Sick Day” is a wistful song about how we all need a little time off sometimes.  It’s got a catchy tune and it makes one wish to sing along. . The title track is a beautiful upbeat love song. This album is very fresh and modern with a classic goodness.   


Mr. Daugherty combines a little bit of Bayou Blues with a mix of Los Angeles Pop and Rock, along with a little country and a taste of New Orleans Jazz. .  Nick Daugherty combines these elements to craft music which is timeless and beautiful with something to please everybody.  This album has mass appeal and is not limited by genre or demographics.  It can be loved and appreciated by people of all ages and musical tastes.


Nick Daugherty writes beautiful lyrics which speak to the heart and inspire the mind.  The words are heartfelt and honest.  They are pure emotion and truth. Nick writes songs about the things we all experience in life; love, loss, fear, happiness and just needing some time to ourselves.


 “I Won’t Stand For Watching You Fall Down” is a song about reaching out to help a loved one in crisis.  It’s a beautiful song about the pain of knowing someone is in dire straights and not being able to help.  It is also a song about hope and love and never giving up.


This album is definitely a must for anyone who loves music.  It’s a joy and a musical treasure.  I highly recommend, “Moving Higher” by Nick Daugherty.  I give this album five stars.  You can learn more about Nick and his music at or visit his website at

4 Responses to “Moving Higher By Nick Daugherty… A CD Review By Michelle Williams”

  1. Nice job by you, don’t really know if I like his music.

  2. i love this music…

  3. Really enjoyed it very good artist. the music was very uplifting.

  4. jack r. cohen Says:

    HI michelle, this is a really good song, I llike his words and lyrics..


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