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Marc Platt, Pop Go The Plattitudes

Posted in Uncategorized on February 24, 2011 by myrna1923

 On his album Pop Go The Plattitudes, Marc Platt connects emotionally with the listener by sharing deeply personal experiences in his lyrics.  His songs cover everything from love, loss and longing for family to world events, the state of our society and even psycho stalker chicks.  He lays himself wide-open, withholding nothing.  His lyrics seem to come from a place deep in his soul, touching the souls of those who listen.

“The Whole World’s Watching” is amazing, fusing the feeling of an 80’s rock song with a message of peace and awareness of the violence in the world.  Groovy guitar solos and enaging vocals abound.  The whole vibe from the song is edgy and cool.  “Don’t Wanna Be That Guy” is a heartfelt love song lyrics and a poignant vocal. Its melancholly melody is surrounded by lush harmonies.  It’s pure and simple and very touching.  “Save Us From Ourselves” is an edgy rock song  with an urgent message about how people need to care about each other to make a change for the better.  With mesmerizing lyrics, it’s punctuated by sizzling guitar solos.

Marc Platt has created an album with heart.  Although some of the production is overdone and distracting, the songs are strong and true.  Four Stars!