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John M…..No Overdubs….. A CD Review My Michelle Williams

Posted in Uncategorized on June 22, 2011 by myrna1923
Brilliant!  No Overdubs by John M is a masterpiece.  A lightfully refreshing departure from the mainstream production style, it’s recorded live and features songs from two concerts.  The songs are touching, fun and thought-provoking.  The vocals are purely melodic and mesmerizing.  It is music in its purest form. 
The only instruments are John’s guitar and his voice. It’s wonderful to hear pure music in this age of digital deception.  It’s like having a concert in your car or home or wherever the CD is played.
“In Jesus’ Name” is a dramatic and poignant song about what people do in the name of Jesus. The music and the words combine to completely captivate the listener with a swampy Rock vibe.  
“School Bus Blues” is a fun song about a rocker with a one-track mind and a set mission to become famous.. John draws his audience in by incorporating a sing-along audience participation part into the song on the phrase, “Hey Lawdy Lawdy Na Na Na.” 
“Coulda Had You” is a deeply emotional love song about regrets and lost love.with heartwrenching lyrics and engaging vocals.   
“My Mother in Me” is a wonderful tribute to his mother. It’s an amazing song featuring Gina Venturini on background vocals.  It’s a storyteller song about all things his mother taught him and all the things he inherited in his personality from her and how she instilled values and taught him to love music.
This album is a joy and a delight. Five Stars!
A video of one of the songs from the album