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A Magical Mystery Time……….An Interview With Brooke Halpin………… By Michelle Williams

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In this deeply moving and revealing book, Brooke Halpin shares a part of himself and his life as a young teenager completely enthralled with the Beatles.

The story is riveting, compelling and unforgettable. The main character’s need for escape inside music and his obsession for all things Beatle lead him into a fantasy life which causes problems in his reality.

Trevor Hampton becomes so engrossed in the fantasy, he believes he is a Beatle until an encounter with John Lennon and a rude awakening jerk him back into reality. The book is profoundly remarkable and prolific.

I caught up with author, Brooke Halpin, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions.

Why did you write this book?

I wrote this book because I had the wonderful fortune to be a young teenage boy when the Beatles first came to America and swept me off my feet. I believe the series of events that occurred were extraordinary and I wanted to get them down on paper and give readers a first hand account of what it was like during the magical Beatle years.

What is the primary plot line in the story?

How Trevor Hampton becomes obsessed with the Beatles and loses his true identity. Ultimately, he has to learn to accept himself for who he really is and become his own person. That finally happens when Trevor meets John Lennon and is shocked to find out that John doesn’t know him.

Are there any sub-plots in the book?

Yes there are. One of the sub-plots is the troubling relationship between Trevor and his father. The more Trevor became a Beatle and succeeded with his Beatle sounding bands, the more enraged his father became. When Trevor met John Lennon, that was the same day his father got shot. So there is a definite connection between John bursting Trevor’s delusional bubble and bullets severing the relationship between Trevor and his father. Another sub-plot is the love relationship between Trevor and Jenny. Unfortunately, the timing of Trevor’s band recording their first album and The Beatles breaking up put pressure on their young marriage, and it was destined to fail. The third sub-plot is the Beatles sounding song, “Drain,” how it gets stolen, and how it gets released and becomes a hit single by another band.

Are there any connections/parallels to what went on during the Beatles years (1964-1970) and what’s going on in today’s world?

Yes, number one, fan fanaticism is just as prevalent now as it was in the 60’s. Regardless of the time or decade, there is a fascination that happens between celebrities and fans. The other parallel is the unending popularity of the Beatles, which transcends decades.

What impact did the break up of The Beatles have on the book’s main character (Trevor Hampton)?

He was devastated because the Beatles were the very foundation of his life at that time. Without the Beatles, he was lost, aimless, and filled with disillusionment.

What is the story’s bottom line/overall message?

Even though it’s easy for some people to become so enamored and infatuated with celebrities and lose their identity in the process, they have to get on with their own lives and not get lost in a world filled with illusions. It’s normal and understandable that people adore their favorite celebrities, but not to the extent that they take on a false identity.

How long did it take you to write the book?

It took eight years on an off. First, it was written in the first person as a memoir, and then I changed it to third person fiction based on a true story. That in itself required a tremendous amount of work, but freed me up as a writer to create fictionalized scenes to enhance the plot lines.

Is there a close connection between Trevor Hampton and yourself?

Yes, the character Trevor Hampton is based on my life as a young musician during the Beatle years.

What did you learn by writing this book?

It took a lot of self discipline and dedication to write this book, edit it, and feel as though it was completed. I can’t tell you how many times I thought the book was completed, only to find out that more work was required to make it better.

What is your vision for this book?

I’m hoping that people will read this book and discover what the Beatle years were like through the eyes and ears of Trevor Hampton. I’m also hoping that the reader will get a sizeable dose of the magic and the mystery that was very much alive during the Beatle years. Beyond that, a screenplay adaptation of the book has already been written and I’m working on getting it produced for a theatrical release.

Brooke Halpin has written a book that is both entertaining and thought provoking. For more information visit