Aaron Wolfson, A Cd Review…………….. by Michelle Williams



This self titled, debut album is a Rock N Roll delight and a musical joy.  The songs are strong and very well written. This CD features soaring guitar solos and beautiful warm harmonies.  The lyrics are cutting and thought provoking.  This record is modern Rock written in s classic tradition.  It’s awash with guitars both electric and acoustic.  It’s a Guitar Rock lover’s dream. 


The song, “Daddy’s Gone Away” is haunting and beautiful, a heartbreaking ballad which touches the heart and moves the soul. It is an expression of love and a loving tribute for dads who have to be away from their families. 


Another of my favorite songs from this album is, “Rainbow Angel Girl”.  It’s an up-tempo fun love song.  It’s full of passion and fire and sweet romance.  It’s sexy and warm and full of charm and the music is enchanting.


Aaron Wolfson has created a masterpiece with the music on this album.   He wrote all the songs, played all the instruments, except for drums, sang all the vocals and produced this outstanding CD himself.  

I give Aaron Wolfson five stars.  The CD is a must have for anyone who loves music.

This CD is available at http://www.cdbaby.com/aaronwolfson



One Response to “Aaron Wolfson, A Cd Review…………….. by Michelle Williams”

  1. He Is A Very Talented Musician. Love His Music.

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