Bob Malone, “Aint What You Know”……..A CD Review By Michelle Williams


I love this CD. Bob Malone combines the best of Blues, Soul, Rock and R&B to create his own unique sound. This album is full of smoke and magic. There are tender love songs and heart aching Blues.


 Bob Malone’s vocals are truly amazing.  He sings with the Soul of New Orleans.  These songs are passionate and powerful and leave the listener wanting more.


 Bob Malone writes songs which are true and about real life situations.  He has an earthy and visceral quality to his vocals.  He sings with a gravelness and fire which envelop the listener and ignite the spirit. .   


Bob Malone is a piano man and his exquisite piano playing shines on this CD. His cover of Up On Cripple Creek is amazing and more soulful than the original.  His burning vocal and blazing piano playing make this album truly remarkable.


I give “Ain’t What You know”, five stars. It’s a must have for any music library.


4 Responses to “Bob Malone, “Aint What You Know”……..A CD Review By Michelle Williams”

  1. Richard Tuckson Says:

    Am very proud of you.keep it

  2. Thank you!!xoxox

  3. great song. xoxoxo

  4. Thanks for that review, Michelle – you are very good to me 🙂

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