Do You Really Know The Beatles….. An Interview With Author, Brooke Halpin……By Michelle Williams

Brooke Halpin lives perpetually in the Beatles groove. He became an instant Beatles fanatic when he saw them perform for the first time on The Ed Sullivan Show. Captivated with The Beatles and their music, he performed Beatle songs with several successful bands at venues inNew York and New England. Brooke had the great fortune to meet John, Yoko, and Ringo at John Lennon’s 31st birthday party, and on a separate occasion met Paul McCartney. An active musician, Brooke continues to do what he always does – plays and sings Beatle songs with his band in Los Angeles. I caught up with Brooke and was able to ask him some questions about his new book, “Do You Really Know The Beatles?”

MW: What was your inspiration for the book?

BH: I have all this information about the Beatles in my head and thought it would be fun to get the information down into a book with hopes that some of the millions of Beatles lovers will take the challenge and try to answer the questions correctly.

MW: How long did it take you to gather all the information and come up with so many questions?

BH: It didn’t take long at all because the information was already in my head. It was just a matter of tapping into the Beatle part of my brain, which is dominant, and writing them down.

MW: Why did you choose the Beatles for your book?

BH: Because I know more about them than any other musical group.

MW: When did you first discover the Beatles’ music? What kind of an impact did they have on your life?

BH: I discovered The Beatles early February, 1964. They had a tremendous impact on me and they still do. When I first saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show, I instantly wanted to be a Beatle. I was knocked out by their music, their energy, their look, the chemistry between them and their voices.

MW: What are you hoping to accomplish with the publication of this book?

BH: I want to inform people about the Beatles with hopes that they will learn a thing or two about them.

MW: Which is your favorite chapter in the book?

BH: I love them all but especially The Paul McCartney Death Hoax because it’s like a game, discovering so many clues. The death hoax is quite intriguing. It’s also a brilliant, creative marketing technique.

MW: What was the most rewarding aspect for you in writing this?

BH: Reliving and recounting all the information that’s in the book, not including the questions about John and George’s death.

MW: Why should people buy this book?

BH: Because they love the Beatles and they want to find out if they can answer all the questions correctly.

MW: Tell me about you meeting John Lennon at his birthday party.

BH: I cant. You’ll have to read about it in my next book.

MW: Who is your favorite Beatle?

BH: Pete Best, only kidding!

MW: What do you think the Beatles largest contribution to the world of music is?

BH: Their amazing music and their ability to reinvent themselves and perpetuate their timeless appeal to people of all ages.

From the heart of a true Beatles fanatic, this book is a fitting tribute to the Fab Four and a testament of their lasting impact and influence on music and the world itself.

To purchase Booke’s book, please follow this link.


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