Farwell to a Legend Michael Jackson 1958-2009 By Michelle Williams



On June 25th, the world lost a phenomenal and iconic entertainer.  Michael Jackson suffered a cardiac arrest in his rented home and despite tireless efforts to revive him, he passed from this world into the next. Michael Jackson was loved and admired as a global superstar and generous philanthropist.  He is mourned the world over.


Michael’s star first began to shine as the youngest member of the Jackson Five.  His meteoric rise to fame was eminent.  In 1979, Michael released his first solo album, Off The Wall which met with great success.

 His 1982 album, Thriller was the biggest selling album of all time and the songs from this album have become woven into the collective consciousness of the world forever. Michael was a brilliant songwriter and performer.  He set the standard for all who followed him.  Michael also co-wrote and performed in the greatest musical collaboration of all time. “We Are The World” became a social movement and global event.  This song raised money and awareness for poverty and famine in Africa and around the world.


The mystery and myth of Michael Jackson are intriguing and captivating, not to mention troubling.  But his music is truly unforgettable and clearly remarkable and this is what we will remember most about one of the greatest entertainers of our time. 


2 Responses to “Farwell to a Legend Michael Jackson 1958-2009 By Michelle Williams”

  1. Michelle, your farewell to MJ is very well written. Thank you

  2. Very well written Michelle, Love It.

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