Load The Jet Rocket By Brian Fox……….A Cd Review By Michelle Williams

This Cd is pure Rock-N-Roll at it’s finest.  There are burning guitar solos and soaring vocals which cause goosbumps.  It is strong, with great musicianship. The vocals are very powerful and melodic with awesome harmonies.  One song that really stands out is the controversial and passionate, “911 Was An Inside Job” which raises questions about what really happened on that terrible day. 
One of my favorite songs from the album is, Retarded.  It’s a clever song with delightful changes and tight harmonies. It’s a song about the games we play with ourselves and the ways we can get caught up in the things that are not really important. 
 This album features amazing music in the classic hard rock tradition.  The songs are somewhat political and socially concious.  There are beautiful ballads which touch the heart and move the soul.  The heartfelt vocals are truly breathtaking and endearing.  “Love Everybody” is an anthem of hope that expresses the ideal that love is the answer.
The lead and backing vocals combine in harmonious action to make a sound which is truly remarkable.  This album  contains very thought provoking lyrics which speak truth and convey a message of hope and positive attitudes. This album is a gem. It is illuminating to both mind and sprit.
This is another awesome song from thCD, “Youre American”.

One Response to “Load The Jet Rocket By Brian Fox……….A Cd Review By Michelle Williams”

  1. Josh Bones Says:

    Love his stuff!!!

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