Old Man Dreamin’ By John Batdorf………………….. A CD Review By Michelle Williams


This album is stellar. It’s an awesome collection of songs which are beautifully and masterfully written and performed.  The music is finely woven into a tapestry of mood and emotion which envelop the listener with dramatic and moving musical expression.


This album is a chronicle of the artist’s lifetime.  These songs are pure Americana.  John Batdorf combines the best of Pop, Rock, Folk and maybe a little down home flair. My two favorite songs on this album are, “Aint No Way and “Sixteen”.


The song, “Aint No way” is a dramatic song with a swampy rock groove along with a little Ozark magic added to the blend of passionate vocals and finely crafted lyrics and music.


“Sixteen” is a gripping song about a young girl trapped in a tragic situation.  It is very thought provoking and extremely moving with a soul touching vocal.


John Batdorf is a master storyteller and this album is a treasure trove of genuineness and truth. The beauty and purity of the vocals are breathtaking and mesmerizing.   I highly recommend this album to anyone who loves music.  I give Old Man Dreamin’ ‘five stars.



2 Responses to “Old Man Dreamin’ By John Batdorf………………….. A CD Review By Michelle Williams”

  1. Well-written. Sounds like an interesting guy

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