Paul Zollo, Singer/Songwriter.. By Michelle Williams


 paul zollo


In addition to being a gifted author, photographer and music journalist, Paul Zollo is an amazing and prolific songwriter. Paul is a senior editor at American Songwriter magazine and has authored several books containing the interviews he has conducted with music icons such as Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty.  His titles include; “Songwriters on Songwriting” and “Conversations with Tom Petty”.


 Paul is a very accomplished author and journalist, but is true passion and great love is songwriting.


 “I love songwriting more than anything else I do and nothing means more to me than writing a great song and having people hear it.”


Paul began piano lessons as a young child and soon fell in love with the guitar. He wrote his first song at age eleven when he wrote new words for the Simon and Garfunkel song, “Sound of Silence”.  Soon after that, he began writing songs.  His parents insisted that he take private music theory lessons which have served him well.


At this time there was a great Folk music movement in the Chicago area and a young Paul Zollo loved to play his songs on open mic nights at a club called Somebody Else’s Troubles which was owned by Folk music great, Steve Goodman. Goodman was famous for writing songs like “The City of New Orleans” which was recorded by Arlo Guthrie.  Steve was young Zollo’s hero and taught him a lot.


All these Open Mic performances and music studies helped create the master songwriter Mr. Zollo is today.  

Paul Zollo’s music is truly something special.  He has the most unique style I think I have ever heard.  His lyrics are compelling and beautifully crafted and combine with music that absolutely moves my soul.  In Paul’s music, I hear drama, romance, passion and intrigue.  There is a mysterious and haunting quality which keeps me coming back day after day to hear more. It’s like discovering a favorite song you never knew existed.  Mr. Zollo is a family man and he is very proud of his young son and often invites Joshie to join him onstage. The love the two have for each other is very evident as they enjoy every moment together.  The tender heart of this father shines through in the in the beautiful love songs and heart wrenching ballads. I am looking forward to new music from this artist and I don’t want to miss a note, not even a half-note!












6 Responses to “Paul Zollo, Singer/Songwriter.. By Michelle Williams”

  1. bluerailroad Says:

    god bless you michelle williams – one of the best friends i have ever known. you have a big heart and a beautiful soul and my world is richer cause you’re in it.

    love, pz.

  2. myrna1923 Says:

    Thank you, I’m deeply honored
    love me

  3. The man understands how a song is supposed to work. If you don’t believe me — listen to his music.

  4. love the song has alot of bob dylan in it.

  5. Michelle Williams Says:

    Thank you for the great comments!

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