Tempest In A Teacup….. By James Hurley A CD Review By Michelle Williams

CD Cover Art 

I love this CD!  It is one of the most brilliant collections of songs I have ever heard.  The songs are expertly written and performed.  The production quality is amazing.

  The songs are gripping and mesmerizing and they envelop the listener with an almost hypnotic quality that makes one wish to play the CD again and again. The songs are thought provoking and beautiful. Mr. Hurley tells a story with each song. 

 The lyrics are finely crafted with eloquence and masterfully combined with music to capture the imagination and touch the heart.  There are a few songs that are just heart wrenching and cutting.  James Hurley touches the heart and moves the soul. 


This album includes beautiful love songs and songs that express frustration at the futility of life at times.  There are songs that are so much fun and that will get your toes to tapping.  I think the order the songs come in is brilliant. 

 This CD has something for everybody.  There is every kind of influence combined to create a style that is best described as American on the rocks with a twist.  James combines country, rock, blues and jazz to produce music which is truly remarkable.  Tempest In A Teacup is a must have for any music Lover. I highly recommend this CD.   For more information, go to http://www.jameshurleymusic.com or  http://www.myspace.com/jameshurley

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