This Twisted Road By Severin Browne a CD Review By Michelle Williams

cover art by Eddie Cunningham

cover art by Eddie Cunningham


This CD is brilliant!  It is a mix of Folk, pop, country, jazz, blues and a little Rock-N-Roll.  Severin Browne has compiled a collection of songs which has something for everybody. 


This album is pure Americana and it is becoming a favorite of mine. I have played this Cd every day since I got it!  This is an acoustic music lover’s dream. The songs are honest and beautiful.  They touch the heart, inspire the spirit and get the toes to tapping.   

“Strange Life” has one of the prettiest openings on the album.. It’s a funny but painful look at life and the unraveling of a romance.  It talks about loss and love in a way which only Severin Browne can. This is a brilliant song.


 “Angelyne” is a fun song with lots of energy and a hysterically funny lyric, written by Paul Zollo. Severin’s vocal and music definitely bring this song to life!


The lyrics provide poignant observations on life, love and heartache. There is an element of fun and a down to earth philosophy for life. The songs are catchy and beautiful. The lyrics are finely crafted and each song tells a story.  The songs range from stripped down acoustic purity to finely orchestrated pieces of musical gold.  Severin Browne’s vocals are beautiful and gripping, his lovely voice lingers even after the music has stopped.


The title track is a beautiful and moving song with a tender heartfelt vocal and mesmerizing music which is gripping and captivating. It brings a tear to the eye and touches the heart.


 I highly recommend this album to anyone who loves music.   It is a must have for any music library. I give “This Twisted Road” By Severin Browne five stars! You can learn more about Severin Browne and his music at  or “This Twisted Road” was produced by Severin Browne and Edward Tree.


4 Responses to “This Twisted Road By Severin Browne a CD Review By Michelle Williams”

  1. bluerailroad Says:

    Cool! I love Sev – he’s amazing. And I love this review. Way to go Michelle!

  2. Michelle Williams Says:


  3. good song with an upbeat rhythm. thanks michelle for posting the video.

  4. Thanks for recognizing such an amazing artist! I love Severin Browne’s songwriting. And this CD lives in my car!

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