UNIVERSAL CURE, by PAUL ZOLLO, Trough Records.. A review by Michelle Williams

“Universal Cure” by Paul Zollo is good medicine. It’s reaching and searching and deeper than psychology.

The title track reveals so much inner turmoil and sadness that it touches the soul. It tells the story of people crying out for love, understanding and relief from the pain of our human existence. It describes wounds so deep only a miracle can heal them. The musicianship and vocals on this song are sublime.

“Bow and Arrow” tells an amazing story of the love of a father for his son. The imagery is astoundingly beautiful and the music and vocals are almost hypnotic. It’s sung with such feeling and true emotion the effect is stunning. In native American style, the musicianship is outstanding.

“Maggie” is breathtaking and hauntingly melodic. There is an intense yearning for a past love, it’s like calling to a spectral moment long ago. The lyrics are deeply emotional and gripping. The story is captivating and unforgettable. The background vocals are hauntingly beautiful and create a soft cloud for the lead vocal.

“Judy Down The Street” opens with a smoldering guitar solo from Aaron Wolfson. The fast beat and awesome lyric make this one to crank up on the stereo. This song rocks. It makes you want to dance.

Paul Zollo is very skilled at combining the best musicians and vocals with the kind of lyrics that take us to the movies.

His combination of cinema, poetry and music all come together to create a masterpiece .All of the ingredients are blended into a groovy gumbo of Rock, Country, Jazz and Blues. It’s pure Americana. Universal Cure is phenomenal. Five Stars!


Here is another awesome song from the album.  Paul Zollo Performing Joe Frisco On A Ferris Wheel.

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