Unlocked By Leo Key…… A CD Review By Michelle Williams

  • This album is amazing.  Leo Key has written an album which is classic Blues with a modern dose of rock & roll, blended with Country, Jazz, Gospel and Soul for an incredible sound.  His songs are honest and deep, and he sings them with great emotion and passion.  The lyrics are about life, love and the struggles we all face and the frustration that comes with getting knocked down.  These songs are rock-bottom, gut-wrenching Blues, and Leo Key is a wonderful storyteller.  The album is strong with great instrumentation.  There are soaring guitar solos and the harmonica adds an element of classic Soul which will melt the heart and set the toes to tapping.  This album is fun and touching.
  • One of my favorite songs on this album is “Change Your Ways.”  It’s an old school Blues number written in the tradition of B.B. King, and the traditional ideas expressed in the lyrics are deep and thought provoking.  “Sweet Lil Angel” is another outstanding track, an aching love song awash with the Delta Blues and southern roots music. There is a fire and passion in the vocal which is truly captivating.If you love the Blues, you will love Leo Key and his amazing CD.  I give this album five stars
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