Wicked Saints By Paul McCarty & Wicked Saints

Exquisite!  Wicked Saints by Paul McCarty & Wicked Saints is  a newAmericana classic.  It’s a gumbo of groovy blues, edgy rock and country goodness.  The songs are timely and timeless. “Walkin on the Water” is mysterious and sexy.  The swampy bayou bluesy sound is captivating and the imagery is breath-taking.

“Mama” is beautifully heart wrenching as Paul sings about the agony of losing his beloved mother. The melancholy melody is reaching and unforgettable. The feelings of anxious apartness and bittersweet memories burn the soul.

“Run Todd Run” is a plea for Todd Palin to flee from his politician wife.  It seems to be born from frustration and expressed with humor.  It’s a delightfully fun song.  The vocals are brilliantly gruff and sincerely intense.

Another favorite from this album is “Roses and Thorns, a tender love song full of hope and sweet romance. The vocals are truly touching and beautifully melodic and hypnotic.

The album is awash with acoustic guitars and the musicianship is outstanding.  It reminds me of the purely gut level songwriting of John Lennon and Bob Dylan.

I could not get enough of this CD.  Fabulous.  Five Stars!   www.wickedsaints.net

Video of The Wicked Saints

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